The code ethics of the RRCF

The signatory of the Code Ethics agrees to :

Respect the rules of breeding, the sale of dogs, the rules of the Kennel Club and to be up to date with the dues to the Breed Club.

- Be in possession of a Kennel name (Affix)

- Have regular follow-up by a Veterinarian, to avoid tiring the breeding bitches by breeding too often, to have but one litter a year per bitch, the latter being at least 18 months old when being mated for the 1st time.

- Provide the breeding dogs with a happy old age retirement.

- Not acquire dogs or puppies in view of reselling them.

- Not let the puppies leave before they are completely weaned, autonomous and socialised, free of internal and external parasites and have been given their shots at least 1 week before and at the time recommended by the laboratory producer of the vaccines and provided with a folder containing the Tattoo card, the Vaccination Certificate, the Sales Certificate, advice on rearing the puppy, a copy of the code of ethics and the Membership request form.

- Register with the LOF all the puppies, an obligation that equally concerns the spouse and other family members.

- Respect the breeding rules of the Club.

- Inform the Club of any problems encountered.

- Not sell puppies with visible Dermoïd Sinus.

- Not to breed from any dogs suffering from or operated on Dermoïd Sinus.

- Not to sell puppies with serious faults (not breeding selectable) without mentioning the fault in the sales certificate.

- It is an obligation to promote the RRCF.

- To be regularly present at the club show with the breeding stock and or their descendants (with the exception of DOM TOM).

- To X-ray their breeding stock and to use only studs and bitches free of HD

(A or B) and to inform the Club of the results.

- To present the breeding stock at the TNA.

- If at all possible to participate at Dog Shows and to encourage the puppy buyers to do the same.


The breeder should sell puppies to individuals only after they have really attempted to ascertain that they will be given proper care and will be part of the family.


The breeder commits himself to inform the Club of all matings and births and to send to the Club the names and addresses of his puppy buyers.

In the case of non respect of the Code of Ethics or following a justified complaint the Club is entitled to exclude the accused breeder from the Code of Ethics..


The undersigned also agrees to accept a litter check by representatives of the committee or a person appointed by the committee within 8 days following the birth of the puppies.


The Club is committed to publishing in its News Letter the list of people having signed and will give their Kennels priority when answering requests for puppies. The Club takes no responsibility in case of problems arising from member of the Code of Ethics, it’s role being purely informative.